About Us
Our Mission : To turn into Axis for Adept & Exclusive Renal Care


Chronic kidney disease is a challenging condition for the affected patient as well as for family. There are several different reasons for kidney failure, but the leading causes are inflammation in the kidney, longstanding diabetes and hypertension.

Chronic kidney disease will lead to renal failure but is a long drawn process. Medical intervention from the onset and/or diagnosis of chronic kidney disease may facilitate retardation of progression to renal failure and improve quality of life.

Steadfast MediShield has been set-up with an objective and purpose of providing products / therapies to fulfill the unmet needs in the management of various ailments of kidney. Steadfast MediShield is making concerted efforts with a holistic approach towards Renal Care fraternity, disease and the ailing populace so to cover entire spectrum and working continuously as a complete Renal Care company

Our Values

Conduct business in an ethical manner with courage to do the right things, always strive to exceed customer expectations and keep patient safety and quality as a key priority.


Help enhance the quality of life of people living with kidney diseases by providing specially and specifically designed products to fulfill the unmet needs in an easier and simplified manner.